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Roles of Transfusion Nurses

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Evidence-based nursing resources

Solving tough communication & conflict issues in nurse practice settings (New nurse deals with seasoned nurse bullies) (Behavioral Health Central, 24 Aug. 2010)

Perspectives from Dec. 15 issue of N Engl J Med featuring nursing practice:

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BloodSafe e-learning (Australian CE modules)

BloodSafe Checklists- See Safety Resource Files for conditions of use:

Blood Matters: Transfusion nurse resources (e.g., job description, value of transfusion nurse)



Documents developed for the BC Transfusion Transmitted Injuries and Surveillance System (TTISS):

TTI 0001 Quick Reference Guide - Response to Transfusion Reaction

TTI 0002F Model Transfusion Reaction Report Form (lacks section that serves as blood collection record)

TTI 0003F Model Transfusion Reaction Report Form (includes section that serves as blood collection record)

Safe Transfusion Practice videos (view online)

Sunnybrook & Women's College HSC, Toronto, ON

Bloody Easy Online Course

REACT | RESPONSE (pocket guides on guidelines for suspected transfusion reactions)

Transfusion Ontario / ORBCoN

Bloody Easy Blood Administration (Handbook content mainly from "Bloody Easy for Nurses" online course)

More than a million blood products are transfused annually in Ontario with most administered by registered nurses (RNs). Bloody-Easy for Nurses was developed by a Transfusion Safety Nurse with input from RNs, Transfusion Safety Officers and transfusion personnel across Ontario. Content reflects current best practices

Bleeding Disorders Program, Winnipeg, MB

Strange Case of Penny Allison (starring Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton)

A framework to support nurses and midwives making the clinical decision and providing the written instruction for blood component transfusion (Sept. 2009;Better Blood Transfusion Toolkit)

Right blood, right patient, right time. RCN guidance for improving transfusion practice (Royal College of Nirsing, 2005)

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Understanding the blood group system and blood transfusions (Nursing Times, updated June 2007)