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International news


  • Blood transfusion: friend or foe in myelodysplastic syndromes?
  • New study questions aggressive blood transfusions in trauma patients
  • BC PBCO and CBS 13th Annual Education Session on Blood Transfusion Issues (27 Sept. 2013, Vancouver, BC) | Free Registration
  • Saskatoon doctor says blood transfusions overused
  • More on paid plasma
    • Durhane Wong-Rieger: The case for paid plasma donations
    • Canadians, health professionals divided on paid plasma
    • Paid plasma clinic expects Health Canada approval
    • For-profit plasma clinics risky business
  • New blood donation rules take effect 2 decades after tainted-blood inquiry
  • Blood bank supply dwindles amid high hepatitis and HIV prevalence
  • Hong Kong: Blood Transfusion Service defends its MSM policy (30 July 2013)
  • IBTS to provide €2.5m to fund partnership with research centres to develop stem cell therapies
  • State-owned NHS plasma supplier sold to USA private equity firm Bain Capital founded by Mitt Romney
  • Dr. Herbert Perkins, transfusion medicine pioneer and co-founder of the National Marrow Donor Program dies at 94
  • Florida's largest blood bank lays of 56 staff as it completes a multi-center merger
  • Hepatitis C skyrockets among baby boomers in South Florida
  • Congress moves closer to lifting ban on transplanting organs from HIV+ donors to HIV+ recipients
  • HHS: 2011 National Blood Collection and Utilization Report
  • Medical malpractice lawyer press release on patient death in Brooklyn following RBC transfusion with wrong ABO group
  • Iron loss threatens blood supply
  • Man dies after transfusion mix-up at Coney Island Hospital

Industry news

  • Johnson & Johnson considers divestiture of Ortho Clinical-Diagnostics

Diseases in the news

  • Canada: 2013 BC Contingency plan for WNV and the blood supply
    • Update: Protecting the blood supply from WNV (CBS, BC & Yukon WNV Update #2013-3, 2 Aug 2013)
  • USA: WNV death raises transfusion issues
    • Fatal West Nile Virus infection after probable transfusion-associated transmission - Colorado, 2012. MMWR 2013 Aug 9:62(31);622-4.
  • AABB: Latest Fact Sheets on Emerging Infectious Diseases

Resource library

  • BC PBCO Technical Operating Manual - Update: Reporting Final Results of a Transfusion Reaction to External Agencies - Job Aid TR 0007JA (v 1.1, Aug. 1, 2013)
  • UK: 2012 SHOT Report | 2013 SHOT Symposium presentations
  • NEW TM blog: This land is your land (Musings on transfusion-related nudging)

Eclectic papers, including

  • Study on community attitudes to remunerated blood donation in Australia
  • Literature review on the impact of regulation on viral safety of human plasma–derived medicinal products
  • Report of 5 cases showing how anesthesiologists, intensivists, and emergency physicians are particularly vulnerable to the risk of administering blood to the wrong recipient
  • Literature review and report of 2 cases of fatal immune hemolytic anemia following allogeneic stem cell transplantation

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August 11, 2013
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - August 2013


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BC PBCO Technical Operating Manual Update: Reporting Final Results of a Transfusion Reaction to External Agencies - Job Aid TR 0007JA (v 1.1, Aug. 1, 2013)

BC PBCO and BC TRG: Transfusion Bits and Bytes (6 educational videos for med lab technologists)

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UK: 2012 SHOT Report | 2013 SHOT Symposium presentations | 9 deaths: 1 definitely caused by transfusion (TA-GvHD from non-irradiated IUT), 3 where transfusion contributed (hemolysis related to IVIg; TACO; HTR due to anti-Jka), and 5 where it possibly contributed (all TACO)

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