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May's TraQ newsletter includes these highlights:

International news


  • Development of synthetic platelets
  • Growth in real & “virtual” biobanks may be $ opportunity for clin path labs
  • Paper on recommendations for closing the credibility gap in reporting industry-sponsored clinical research


  • Photos from 2012 CSTM annual meeting in Halifax
  • Current State of Knowledge for IVIG Use and Mechanism (CBS-sponsored symposium, 8 Sept. 2012)


  • First case of babesiosis baffles scientists


  • Courts say clinics can't stop gays from donating blood


  • Cheap drug 'cuts need for blood transfusions' & could save NHS £25 million/yr.
  • Contaminated Blood (Support for Infected and Bereaved Persons) Bill [HL] 2012-13 (First reading, 16 May 2012)


  • Creative Testing Solutions in Arizona signs preliminary agreements with Pittsburgh's ITxM and and Seattle's PSBC to merge donor testing labs
  • OBI offers freebies to blood donors
  • Appellate Court upholds $4.6 million judgment (Case centred on “medical malpractice involving a negligent failure to maintain adequate blood stock, procure emergency blood in a timely manner, and have blood available to treat an obstetrical emergency.”)
  • ASTB: 'Donor Risk Assessment Interview' Form
  • FDA's BPAC unanimously approves Orasure In-Home HIV Test
  • Alabama man files lawsuit over HIV infection following 2010 transfusion for heart surgery

Industry news

  • Grifols plant near Barcelona delivers jobs for hard-hit Spanish economy
  • UK: MSoft's Bloodhound electronic blood tracking system wins contracts from 2 NHS trusts
  • Amgen: Incomplete report on early trial of EPO misled medical community about risks/benefits & helped make Amgen rich

Diseases in the news

  • USA: CDC proposes all baby boomers be tested for hepatitis C

Resource library

  • Canada: IgA deficiency by Dr. Mindy Goldman


  • Eclectic selection including 2 reviews of tranexamic acid and a paper by Canada's National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products on evidence for the use of recombinant factor VIIa in massive bleeding

New TM blog: Take a chance on us (Musings on mentoring)


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June 9, 2012
Pat Letendre, TraQ coordinator

TraQ Newsletter - May 2012


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From CBS's IgA deficiency by Dr. Mindy Goldman

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Take a chance on us (Musings on mentoring)

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