What's New - Chronological (November 2018)

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30 November

29 November

24 November

21 November

17 November

16 November

  • UK: Three more 2018 HCPC interesting hearings that serve as informative, educational case studies | Click on Allegations, Findings & Order for details and outcome. | Sample allegations only (more exist)
    • Michael D. Hampton | Used inappropriate and/or offensive language about and/or to colleagues
    • Eric C. Simons | Assaulted female. Did not perform two immediate rapid spin blood grouping tests when issuing group specific blood to a trauma patient.
    • Bernard Watkins | Used an isolate obtained from a faecal sample belonging to another patient in order to indicate he had a salmonella infection.

15 November

13 November

11 November

5 November

3 November

2 November

1 November