Penny L. Chan

Penny Chan is an independent consultant on blood policy. Penny has a PhD in immunology and has had research and academic experience in clinical microbiology, cancer research and immunology in several countries. In the early 1980's Dr. Chan became involved in public health issues at a community level and was a member of the Peel District Health Council. After completing an MHSc program in Health care administration she gained considerable experience in occupational health and safety, particularly biohazards, adjudication of workers' compensation claims for industrial diseases, and biotechnological policy issues supporting an advisory council to the Ontario Minister of Labour.

In 1994 she started working for Justice Krever on the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood system in Canada. At first she supported the safety audit committee advising Justice Krever on the current safety of the blood system in Canada, and later as executive coordinator and scientific advisor.

She worked as staff support and advisor for a committee to design a hemovigilance system for Canada, has conducted an extensive review of risks in transfusion medicine, and was the scientific liaison officer for the National Blood Safety Council from its establishment in November 1997 until it was disbanded in July 2003.

Penny has also consulted for the World Health Organization on several projects, including in Cambodia.

Her personal interest (apart from walking, hiking, biking, squash and swimming) is to help improve the health policy decision making process to ensure that it is both science based, and open and responsive to the needs of the persons involved – workers, patients and the general public.

Sample Publications

Kleinman S, Chan P, Robillard P. Risks associated with transfusion of cellular blood components in Canada. Transfus Med Rev 2003 Apr;17(2):120–62.

Robillard P, Chan P, Kleinman S. Hemovigilance for improvement of blood safety. Transfus Apher Sci 2004 Oct;31(2):95–8.

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