Ahmed Coovadia, BSc, MLT (CSMLS), CLS (NCA)

Ahmed Coovadia graduated from the University of Waterloo and Toronto Institute of Medical Technology. He began his career in medical technology at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre (SWCHSC) in Haematology and Blood Bank.

During his tenure, his roles changed from primarily a bench technologist to manager of the Blood and Tissue Bank. Ahmed has served on various committees, such as the Antibody Club, CSTM Conference Chair 1996, and President of the HEMOCARE Users Group 1995-97. Ahmed was the President of the Canadian Society of Transfusion Medicine (2004 - 2005).

Ahmed is an active member of the AABB Accreditation Program and was among the first group to receive assessor status for Quality Management Program-Laboratory Services, Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (QMP-LS OLA).

Ahmed completed the centralization of three transfusion services as part of the amalgamation process and served as the manager responsible for the laboratory services quality plan development and implementation at Sunnybrook.

He is currently the CBS Hospital Liaison Specialist for Central Ontario.

Selected Publications

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