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Sunday, 25 February 2018

TraQ/PBCO Manuals

TraQ offers several unique manuals developed by the BC PBCO and transfusion technical specialists and managers throughout BC, as well as a selection of hospital Customer Service and Technical Manuals available worldwide.

All documents in the PBCO and external manuals must be reviewed, customized, and validated prior to use in the user's organization. The PBCO manuals are protected by copyright and come with a disclaimer and terms of use.

TraQ Manuals

In BC in the late 1990s a group of transfusion medicine professionals, the Technical Resource Group (TRG) and the BC Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group (TMAG), contributed to the development and maintenance of a standardized technical manual, which became the TraQ Technical Resource Manual (TRM) and its Competency Companion (CC).

The Technical Resource Manual (TRM) and Competency Companion (CC) were last revised in 2004. They have not and will not be revised to comply with more recent versions of relevant standards. These manuals

* Served as references and templates for developing SOPs and policies for transfusion services throughout Canada.
* Were used by many Canadian provinces as a template to create province-wide standardized technical manuals.
* Were distributed worldwide to help organizations develop quality programs.

Technical Resource Manual is a collection of referenced, "best practice" guidelines (SOPs) covering the most commonly used procedures in a hospital transfusion service.

Competency Companion includes direct observation checklists and written assessment materials, as well as trainer and trainee information, forms, and tips for the TRM procedures.

PBCO TMS Documents - Processes

These materials were developed beginning in 2005 using CLSI guidelines and facilitated by Lucia Berte (consultant) and BC PBCO:

The Laboratory Quality Manual (LQM) and Technical Operations Manual (TOM) were developed beginning in 2005. Unlike earlier manuals, TOM procedures are written as work instructions that begin immediately and require a significant cultural change to be implemented successfully. Procedures are available mainly as versions "0" and draft, which facilities can adapt to their needs and update as required.

Laboratory Quality Manual (LQM)

    Developed by BC laboratory quality managers working as members of the Quality Management Working Group, the LQM contains model documents for high-level policies for CLSI Quality System Essentials.

Technical Operations Manual (TOM)

    Developed by BC blood transfusion technical specialists. the TOM includes 21 common transfusion medicine processes, each with multiple procedures. Each process has a training and competency package, some with direct observation checklists.