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New on TraQ - October 2011

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

New on TraQ - October 2011

What's New - October 2011 (By topic)

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TraQ's September newsletter | BC PBCO |

Global News






Industry news

Diseases in the news

HIV: See Singapore above

Malaria: USA: CDC recommends anti-malarials for travelers to Laconia, Greece (AABB Standards require 12 mth donor deferral after travel to areas at risk for malaria)

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Resource Library / Links

TraQ's September newsletter

BC PBCO TTISS - V2.0 docs - 'TTI 0001. Quick Reference Guide - Response to Transfusion Reaction' & model 'Transfusion Reaction Report Forms' (18 Aug. 2011)

'Technical Operations Manual': TR 0002. Evaluating the forms, samples and components/products involved in an acute transfusion reaction investigation, v 2.0 (27 Sept. 2011)

Joint PBCO/CBS presentations (28 Sept. 2011, Castelgar, BC):

PBCO: Who's who and what's new (Cecilia Li & Tanya Petraszko)

Massive transfusion protocol in trauma (Maureen Wyatt)

Working through blood transfusion challenges in rural hospitals (Cathy Lee)

Exercise Red Snow (Susanna Darnel)

CBS diagnostic services (Tony Dolnik)

TM blog: "Where's the beef?" (Musings on 2 transfusion-related iPad apps)

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