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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Case Study A1 - Patient Phenotyping (Pretransfusion Specimen)

* Pretransfusion specimen (from 28 October):

Only patient results shown. Positive/negative controls worked.


  Name: JS   Date tested: November 19, 1999
Patient ID #: Specimen Type: EDTA : X
Eluted cells:_____ Method:______
Patient Birth Date: Transfused or pregnant in past 3 months? yes
DAT: neg Anti-IgG_____ Anti-C3_____ Cont_____ Or Auto IAT _____
Antisera RhHr
CDE C E c e K Fya Fyb
Pt's RBCs neg NT 0 0 4+ 3+ 0 0 4+
  Antisera Jka Jkb S s
Pt's RBCs 2+ 0 0 3+

* IgG sensitized cells on negative IAT results worked.

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