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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Case Study A6 - Answer (Question 1)

Which antibodies were once classified as HTLA?

Antibodies that were once classified as HTLA due to similar serologic characteristics include anti- (name in brackets):

  • Ch (Chido)
  • Rg (Rodgers)
  • Kn (Knops)
  • McC (McCoy)
  • Yka (York)
  • Csa (Cost)
  • JMH (John Milten Hagen)
  • Hy (Holley)
  • Gya (Gregory)

Several are now independent blood group systems:

  • CH/RG(Ch and Rg)
  • KN (Kn, McC, Yka)
  • COST (Csa)
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