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Case Study O1 - Final Quiz - Answer (Question 6)

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Case Study O1 - Final Quiz - Answer (Question 6)

A group O D-positive patient with no prior history of RBC transfusion and whose antibody screen result was negative prior to receivingIV RhIG one day ago now has passive anti-D, anti-C, and anti-E detectable in his plasma. The patient's DAT result is positive and elutes anti-D and anti-Fya. The patient's red cell phenotype is D+ C- E- c+ e+ Fy(a+).

The patient's hemoglobin has dropped 50 g/L (5 g/dL) over the past 24 hours and he is experiencing hemoglobinuria. Which of the following group O RBCs should be selected for crossmatching?

  1. D+ C+ E+ Fy(a+)
  2. D- C- E- Fy(a-)
  3. D+ C- E- Fy(a+)
  4. D- C+ E+ Fy(a+)
  5. D- C+ E+ Fy(a-)

b. D- C- E- Fy(a-)

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