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Case Study 05 - Discussion Part 2 - Answer (Question 1)

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Case Study 05 - Discussion Part 2 - Answer (Question 1)

Where can patient misidentification occur?

The stages where identification errors may occur include:

  • Drawing the patient's pretransfusion specimen
  • Labelling the patient's blood specimen,which must be done in the patient's presence
  • Performing pretransfusion testing
  • Issuing donor blood from the TS
  • Identifying patient and donor unit immediately prior to transfusion
Most identification errors occur when collecting the patient's sample and when identifying the patient/donor unit prior to transfusion.
  1. Lumadue and coworkers (Further Reading) report that specimens that failed to meet the criteria for specimen acceptance at their institution were 40 times more likely to have a blood grouping discrepancy when compared with historic or subsequent patient data.
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