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Level O ("Other") Case Studies

TraQ Program of the BC PBCO

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Level O ("Other") Case Studies

"Other cases" were initially published elsewhere - or are based on a combination of cases - or were motivated by events in the news. They have been developed by the TraQ coordinator and are offered here as educational resources.

The policies and serological procedures used to investigate the cases reflect general Canadian practices. Such protocols vary widely within Canada and around the world. Individuals should always adhere to the policies developed in their institutions.

IMPORTANT: Our apologies. Due to migration to a new server in late 2016, some of the internal links in Level-O cases are broken. As of 21 May 18 2017, Case O-1 and Case O-5 links have been repaired.

Be aware that all links in A- and B-Level cases have been fixed. Thanks for your patience.  Many thanks.

The TraQ Case Studies are protected by copyright.
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